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"The Big Secret"

The Big Secret

So, what is the exercise, anyway?!

"All this talk about team building, and I still don't know what my team will do!​"


Yup, that's right.  People like surprises, plus we find it helps the team bond if they face the unknown together.  I can
tell you that they will learn a new skill, with everyone starting
at the same experience level--zero!  It is a fun, challenging activity that they may even want to pursue as a hobby after this experience.


But don't worry, we wouldn't expect you to go in completely blind--we would love to talk to someone who is not going
to be on the team (a Human Resources representative or supervisor), and tell them all about it.
  It's best if this is the final decision maker, since they will have the complete
picture when they sign you up.  The person who pays the money always gets to know the secret!


Already know The Secret?  No worries, it's still a fun exercise, you just won't get "the reveal," but you won't need it--you already know how cool it is!  Most participants say they would love to do it again.


OK, OK, if you've read this far, you deserve to see
the whole thing: Here it is!

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