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Here at Chime In® Team Building Services, we have one main exercise to bring to your team.  We can bring it to you several different ways:


This is the unique cooperative team building exercise you've been looking for, brought to your workplace and facilitated by an expert instructor.  Some details can be found here, and it takes three hours from set-up to finish (two hours of your team's time).


If you are in an area where multiple teams work, or you can get other teams to come to the exercise site, we can facilitate up to three (3) Premier Exercises per day, at a reduced cost to each team.  This requires one hour of setup, up to three two-hour sessions, with at least a 1/2 hour break between sessions.


If you've Chimed In before, you know how much fun it is.  If you'd like to host a party/ banquet  (minimum 6 participants), we will do anywhere from one to three hours, no team building, just having fun with the exercise.  We can do this for a particular holiday, or just for fun anytime! Contact Us for details.

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