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The Holidays Rock with Holiday Chime!

It doesn't always have to be team building--bring Chime In® to your banquet, office party or team function.  Whether it's Christmas, Groundhog Day, a patriotic holiday, or any other special time, lose the standard banquet entertainment fare!  Instead, treat them to a fun, unique, entertaining time of mingling and playing.

Bring the music of any holiday to life as your team and their guests play and enjoy their favorite tunes from the season.  As part of an activity customized for your individual group, they will share in a one-of-a-kind experience they'll be talking about for the next year!

If you want a sample, here is a preview (as a disclaimer, your group might not be able to pull this particular song off, but it's fun to try, and we have songs for all teams!):

Holidays Chime In


The holiday season is a great time to show your staff/faculty/team/service organization that you care, without breaking the party budget.  Book a gig today, and use the power of music to jazz up your party!  Contact us for more details.

Any holiday, any reason!
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