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Public Domain


Most of the songs we have used, especially early in the Chime In story, are in the public domain.  This means the copyright has either expired or the work has been expressly turned over to the public domain by the owner.  More songs enter the public domain every year, and many old favorites (which our participants are likely to recognize) are under this category.



Broadcast Music Inc. (or BMI) is an organization which represents artists, and distributes rights to play music.  Many popular songs are in their repertoire, and they provide licenses for companies like us to play them.  Our BMI license number is 60866258.



The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (or ASCAP) is another such organization, providing rights to a different set of songs.  Our ASCAP license number is 500840928.

Licensing Information

Chime In® uses music to do amazing things with teams.  We do this with the permission of the owners, through the following agreements:

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