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About Us


Chime In® is a small, disabled veteran-owned company with a unique team-building activity that has been proven to help teams gain a fresh perspective on their team, their team goals, and their teammates. 


We really love the Chime In Premier Exercise, and know you will too.  Here is a video showing what we do, and below are some of the specifics of conducting an exercise:


  • The exercise works well for teams sized anywhere from about 8 to 50 people.  We're certainly willing to do it with more/less than that if needed.

  • We personalize the content for each group, based on the type of team, time of year and other factors.

  • This is a cooperative exercise, not a competitive one.  Your team will come together, not be at each others' throats.

  • We need about an hour of setup time, and require:

    • a quiet room (preferably an established conference/meeting room)

    • a projector/screen/VGA connection for slide show,

    • rectangular tables (about 1.5' of table space per participant), plus an instructor table (can be small)

    • chairs for all participants

    • For larger groups, one or two non-team-member assistants (no experience required)

  • The exercise takes just about two hours, mainly consisting of a 10-minute introduction, three 20-minute sessions (with breaks in between to change assignments, and let peoples' brains catch up), and a wrap-up “what did we learn?” session.

  • There will be no injuries, lost work time, or Stanford Prison Experiment-type psychological after-effects.

  • It's a fun bonding experience, participants learn a new, useful skill (that they possibly could want to do as a hobby after this), and people will learn something about their teammates and themselves as well.

We are located in the Central Florida area, and can bring Chime In to you, as long as you are willing to pay travel/lodging/equipment charges.  Anything within 150 driving miles of the 32826 zip code can be done as a day trip, anything more than that is an overnight stay.  West of the Mississippi may be two days.  Long trips are more efficient when done as multi-team days, as described here.


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